Architectural Digest 25 Times People Made Completely Over-the-Top Decor for Their Pets Architectural Digest We all consider our pets to be members of our family. After all, who doesn't love to hang a stocking with Fluffy's name on the mantel come Christmas, or dress up the family pug as a pint of low mein on Halloween? It's safe to say that there are those

My Modern Met Cat Owners Are Building Outdoor “ Catio ” Spaces for Their Beloved Pets to Lounge In My Modern Met Men have man caves and women have she sheds, but what about our favorite felines? It turns out that they too can have their own special space to enjoy. Called a catio , it's an outdoor enclosure that allows a kitty to be among the fresh air without the

HSUS News Catios provide the perfect spot for a fix of the great outdoors HSUS News Using her experience as a general contractor and her background in feng shui and color design , Chomos built two enclosures: a small window box where Serena spends her afternoons and a large catio for them to enjoy together. “I wanted to keep her safe


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